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Motorcycle Tour of Route 66

There is no better way to experience the nostalgia of America's Mother Road than to ride a motorcycle on Route 66 from beginning to end. Join a flyride motorcycle tour of Route 66 that provides you with the American icon motorcycle, Harley Davidson, and take two weeks discovering the heartland of America as you ride from Chicago to the Pacific Ocean.

Route 66, the earliest automotive transportation link between Chicago and Los Angeles, came into official existence in 1926.This U.S. national highway was designed to connect the main streets of rural and urban communities as part of a major national thoroughfare. As a result, Route 66 was a lifeline through much of America, connecting the small Midwestern towns in the states of Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas, with the big cities of Los Angeles and Chicago. Known as the "Main Street of America," Route 66 was also dubbed the "Mother Road" by author John Steinbeck in his novel, "The Grapes of Wrath." For those that travelled Route 66 during the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl, it was the path to the promised land of the West. After World War II, many former soldiers headed west on the Mother Road to seek their fortunes. All these travellers represented a business opportunity for American entrepreneurs who quickly sought to fill customers' needs with eye-catching motels, gas stations, restaurants, entertainment attractions, and the like. It is these glitzy commercial establishments that gave the highway a special character and it is this character that invites motorcyclists to "get your kicks on Route 66."

Riding a motorcycle along Route 66 now is a challenge and a journey to discover the soul of the heartland of America. Riding this great historic road is not straightforward because much of Route 66 has been replaced by modern freeways that speed vehicles past the small towns that were so much a part of the Main Street of America. The best approach to exploring Route 66 is to take the MCI Tour stick to and the old road as much as possible (and practical) to provide the satisfaction of experiencing a major part of the USA from the slow lane. As depicted in the Google Earth map, the tour will cross two-thirds of the US, from Chicago to Los Angeles, including a small detour to take in the Grand Canyon in Arizona. The MCi Tour will start at the beginning of Route 66 on the shores of Lake Michigan, make its way through Chicago, and embark on a 2500 mile journey to the end of Route 66 near the Santa Monica Pier on the Pacific Ocean coast.

During this two-week tour, the participants will see many of the unique sights that greeted travellers decades ago. Some of the small towns and many of the commercial establishments have been abandoned because the modern freeways that replaced Route 66 bypassed them as well. Exploring these ghosts, as well as those small towns and establishments that are still going strong, is what this MCi Tour is about. There will be old gas stations, some with antique pumps, some with antique cars, and some with only tumbleweeds for customers. Motels often had bright neon signs to attract travellers while some tried unique themes to get attention. Restaurants used a variety of offers and approaches to attract customers and many are still serving classic American favourites today. Other oddities along Route 66 are just plain different, built for various reasons but with no intent to generate income from their uniqueness.

Included in this tour of Route 66 is a small detour to one of nature's greatest sights, the Grand Canyon.There will be two nights here, giving ample time to view the canyon by sunset, sunrise, or from a helicopter, if desired.

If all of this sounds like the kind of adventure that would make your dream holiday (and it would!) join the rest of the gang travelling with MCi Tours and make your dream come true.

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